Sleep Apnea May Cause Drowsy Driving

Sleep Apnea could be the cause of drowsy driving leading to car accidents. Sleep apnea is treatable and getting treatment could save your life.

The Boulder Camera reported on a severe multi car accident last week along the diagonal. Some of our  staff was delayed in getting to work because of it and thankfully no one was killed in the accident. The cause was reported to be one driver fell asleep and ran through a stop, triggering the multi-car accident. I don’t know if the driver has sleep apnea or was tired from another cause but I do know that sleep apnea, a significant factor in daytime drowsiness, can be treated successfully.


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TMJ Treatment: Address the Cause For Real Success

Many different methods for treatment of TMJ disorders have surfaced over the years, but for real success you must address the true problem.light-painting-801024_640

I’m noticing a lot of dentists are discovering the T-Scan system and using it to treat TMJ. It measures bite forces using digital sensors that act as computerized “bite paper” to show uneven pressures on teeth as you bite and chew.

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Treat TMJ With the Right Appliance

Finding the correct appliance for treatment of TMJ disorder is critical. Using the wrong appliance can cause more complications and just because an appliance has been “used for years” doesn’t mean that it is the answer for every individual.

Currently many dentists are just now learning about the NTI-tss appliance. It seems to have a renewed interest among dentists even though it has been around for more than 20 years. This appliance was introduced to the TMJ community by Dr. Boyd many years ago for acute muscle contraction headache. I have used it selectively for 15 years.

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Sleep Apnea–Early Detection Can Change Lives

New research on Sleep Apnea and the effects on children and adults, show that early detection and proper treatment can be life altering.

I attended the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine annual meeting this past week. The research that’s being done regarding sleep apnea and the far-reaching consequences on so much of our internal organs and cardiovascular systems as well as our mental daily functioning is quite amazing.

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Find a TMJ Specialist

The journey that most people take in finding a TMJ specialist is twisting with stops and starts along the way.

So, how did you find me?winding-road

This is one of the first questions I ask patients. Most are referred by physicians or dentists, others by friends and a few through web searches.

In talking to someone who is going to help me with my new practice getting the word out, she too asked “so how do patients find you?” My answer, she said needed to be blogged, partly because its kind of funny!

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TMJ May Cause Frequent Headaches

You may be surprised to learn that frequent headaches can be caused from an alignment in your lower jaw. Yes, you heard that right. The ocasional, or sometimes frequent, headaches that robs you from concentrating at work or school could be caused from a little something called TMJ. ( or Temporomandibular Joint Disorders).

What are some other common symptoms of TMJ?

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