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Denver TMJ Treatment

Welcome to TMJ Sleep Solutions!

Our mission to help people in Denver find relieve from pain caused by TMJ, and also known as the temporo-mandibular joint. This joint is comprised of the temporal skull bone and meets up with your “mandible” jaw bone right in front of your ears.

This is one of the most complex joints in your body as it allows your jaw to move side to side and front to back.

Denver TMJ Symptoms

Here are some common symptoms of TMJ that you may be experience are: headaches, neck pain, jaw pain, and tenderness in your jaw muscles.

Some of the more severe symptoms of TMJ include: dizziness, vertigo, jaw locking, false migraines, pressure in front of the ears, difficulty speaking and yawning.

Denver TMJ Treatment

Are you looking for relieve from your symptoms? TMJ Sleep Solutions is a TMJ dentist based out of Boulder, but serves people from all across Colorado including Denver.

TMJ Sleep Solutions has received the 5280 Top Dentist Award in both 2014 and 2015. Call us today to schedule a consultation. (303) 955-4848

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