Treat TMJ With the Right Appliance

Finding the correct appliance for treatment of TMJ disorder is critical. Using the wrong appliance can cause more complications and just because an appliance has been “used for years” doesn’t mean that it is the answer for every individual.

Currently many dentists are just now learning about the NTI-tss appliance. It seems to have a renewed interest among dentists even though it has been around for more than 20 years. This appliance was introduced to the TMJ community by Dr. Boyd many years ago for acute muscle contraction headache. I have used it selectively for 15 years.



NTI-tss appliance for clenching, headaches, muscle pain and TMJ/TMD


I use this appliance very selectively and only for short-term use. If used long term it can move the front teeth and cause the TMJ to “dislocate” or “lock”, sometimes in just a few weeks. If your TMJ clicks or has locked, this appliance may be contra-indicated and can worsen your TMJ condition.

If you’ve been using one and notice your front teeth don’t fit well or your bite is changing, let your dentist know and you should consider another type of treatment or orthotic appliance.  Finding the right appliance and type of TMJ treatment needed for each individual is the key to successful relief. I have been treating patients with TMJ disorder for more than 20 years and I am Board Certified in Orofacial Pain. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today (303) 955-4848.

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