Sleep Apnea–Early Detection Can Change Lives

New research on Sleep Apnea and the effects on children and adults, show that early detection and proper treatment can be life altering.

I attended the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine annual meeting this past week. The research that’s being done regarding sleep apnea and the far-reaching consequences on so much of our internal organs and cardiovascular systems as well as our mental daily functioning is quite amazing.

Sleep Apnea can begin in childhood but early treatment can make a big difference immediately and in the future.cartoon-girl

Kids have paradoxical reactions to apnea, much like when they are kept up too late…irritable, hyperactive, unable to sit still, etc., while adults develop physical disorders and have more trouble with “executive functioning skills”, tasks requiring complex thinking, cognition. Early recognition of apnea in children up to 10 years old can truly alter their life for the better; facial growth and malocclusion, apnea later in life, TMJ disorders, all can be influenced by early childhood breathing disorders. If your child mouth breathes regularly, snores even once per week, has trouble concentrating, bruxes their teeth at night; they may have a sleep disorder related to breathing.

Oral appliance treatment of sleep apnea is gaining popularity and allowing more adults to treat their sleep disorders who wouldn’t consider using CPAP.

That’s what dentists trained in Orofacial Pain and Sleep Medicine can help with. We are part of the team with your physician, sleep physicians and orthodontists, to help guide you or your child to getting treatment.



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