9 Symptoms That May Indicate You Have Sleep Apnea

Do You Think You May Have Sleep Apnea?

women tiredHere is a great resource that showcases 9 symptoms that may indicate you have sleep apnea.

This article by Reader’s Digest may cause you to recognize that you should be evaluated for sleep apnea.

Snoring is the typical symptom that people think of as being possibly related to sleep apnea, but it is only one of many symptoms.

Women don’t often snore but have more insomnia issues and frequent awakenings, especially as menopause begins. Progesterone is very important in protecting women’s airway while asleep. When menopause starts, the risk of apnea rises 7X higher.

Your physician may not be aware of these symptoms and may dismiss any possibility of it. Often women are prescribe sleep and anxiety medication instead of having a sleep evaluation (see my prior blog).

Dentists such as myself who specialize in oral appliance therapy for sleep apnea are keenly aware of these subtle signs and symptoms. I can often look in patients mouths and determine if a sleep evaluation should be considered.

If you can relate to some of these symptoms, call for a consultation regarding sleep apnea. I work with physicians to help patients with “non-traditional” symptoms of apnea get diagnosed and treated.

Although CPAP is considered the primary treatment for apnea, oral appliances are an accepted alternative for patients who don’t want to consider a CPAP machine.

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