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Colorado Snoring & Sleep Apnea Treatment

Colorado Sleep Apnea TreatmentSnoring may be the sign of a more serious health problem. 

It is believed that over 50% of people snore. Occasional snoring may be harmless. But heavy snoring that disrupts sleep, yours or your bed partner, is a serious problem. It’s a problem even for the snorer who often sleeps through the night unaware of their noise while they struggle for air. These circumstances can strain relationships and cause daytime fatigue and sleepiness for both parties. Find relief from snoring, nighttime breathing problems and Sleep Apnea with FDA approved custom oral appliances.

Did you know that snoring may be a sign of a more life-threatening condition called Sleep Apnea?

Common Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

Loud Snoring – Abrupt Awakenings with Shortness of Breath – Morning Headaches

Intermittent Pauses in Breathing During Sleep – Exessive Fatigue – Gringing of Teeth

Sleep Apnea is more prevalent in men, affecting over 1 in 4 by middle age. Women suffer to a lesser degree but the effects are just as dangerous. Each time the airway is blocked, the heart is stressed by the effort of trying to breathe and can even stop beating or suffer irregular beats. This can lead to a heart attack, even death. During the struggle to breathe, blood pressure can soar, damaging the walls of arteries and increasing the risk for ruptured blood vessels in the brain and possible stroke.

Not every person who snores suffers from Sleep Apnea, but if you consistently experience any of the symptoms above, you should be evaluated. Take this private Sleep Risk Assessment and answer the self assessment questionnaire. Be sure to email or give us a call with any questions or to request your comprehensive sleep evaluation.

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