The Toxic Effects of Sugar: learn the science behind the addiction

Recently, I attended the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain’s annual Sleep Disordered Breathing Conference. At these events, friends and colleagues always provide new tips and insights. We are privileged to have the opportunity to hear from esteemed Physicians and Dentists on varying topics ranging from TMJ, chronic pain, Sleep disorders and pediatric breathing problems.

Dr.Lustig, a professor from the University of California, was especially interesting at this past conference. He is a Pediatric Neuroendocrinologist who spoke about the epidemic of liver failure, insulin resistance, and childhood diabetes in children, as well as adults, from added sugars (especially fructose) and the damage it does to our bodies. We had the pleasure of an in-depth 2+ hour talk that changed my knowledge about the sugar epidemic. I would like share a seven minute message about the addictive nature of sugar. You can find more on you tube if you wish to become more educated on this topic.

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