The TMD Screening Questionnaire – Answer These 9 Questions

Specific guidelines on screening for TMDs were provided in an article in the Journal of the American Dental Association. This group of screening questions and the methods of the screening examination are appropriate and have proven to be effective since 1990.

Answer these 9 questions of the TMD Screening Questionnaire and find out if you should have a comprehensive TMD Screening Examination.


1. Do you have difficulty or pain when opening your mouth?
2. Does your jaw get ‘stuck’, ‘locked’, or ‘go out’?
3. Do you have difficulty/pain, when chewing, talking, using jaw?
4. Are you aware of noises in the jaw joints?
5. Do you have pain in or about the ears, temples, or cheeks?
6. Does your bite feel uncomfortable or unusual?
7. Do you have frequent headaches?
8. Have you had a recent injury to your head, neck or jaw?
9. Have you previously been treated for a jaw joint problem?

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If you said yes to any of these questions, please contact us to chat further.

CRANIO: The Journal of Craniomandibular & Sleep Practice, 2016.

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