Mouth Breathing vs. Nose Breathing

Have you ever had a coach or a trainer tell you to breathe in through your nose instead of your mouth? There are scientific facts that prove nose breathing is better for you.

Optimal oxygen exchange occurs when we breathe through our nose versus the mouth. You get more than 30% more oxygen with each breath taking a breath through the nose. It also causes the release of “calming” neurochemistry in the brain and body.

It’s interesting that a single, slow nasal breath exposes us to more of the surrounding atmosphere than our skin. It’s estimated that our skin is about 3 square meters if layed out as a sheet- exposed to the air and environment. The volume of “skin” inside the lungs is estimated to be 50-100 square meters if laid out as a sheet. The total surface area of all the little “air sacs” that fit in the lungs is amazing.

Breathing through the nose (instead of the mouth) warms, moistens, and somewhat cleans the air as it swirls through the nasal passages. It’s “cleaner air”.

Mouth breathing doesn’t moisten much, filter, or deliver as much oxygen as a single breathe through the nose.

If you find it hard to breathe through the nose for 10 minutes, practice if throughout the day. It will get easier as the nasal tissues re-adapt to airflow.

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