Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is a day set aside to focus on gratitude for all of the things in our lives. Some of the things we are grateful for are not the “easy” parts of our lives knowing that the things that stretch us tend to have the biggest impact. The “valleys” we all walk through are necessary to measure the “mountaintops” we experience as we journey through life. Without night, we could not appreciate the day.


I am thankful for my family, extended family, friends, those I work with and for all whose lives have crossed ours.

I am thankful for the work I do after 30 years of general dentistry;

I hadn’t planned on limiting my practice to TMD and sleep apnea. Over time I began sensing the Lord whispering to me this could be my journey, if I chose it. Although I can never say for certain; I believe when doors open and close in life as I prayerfully seek direction and guidance, and persistently lead in a direction that isn’t a personal desire, it is God’s invitation to follow. Those who know Him, know. I knew. I had confirmation through my wife.

It is humbling to have patients allow me to enter into their life to help them. Other health providers who deal with chronic pain also know the weight of this responsibility. I prayerfully ask for help understanding these “fearfully and wonderfully” made “machines” we occupy for a time from the One who created them.

Thanksgiving. The word is complete by itself. Thanksgiving.

For what we can contribute to others, for what Jesus gave to us, for what we have received from friends, family, and others.

From my family, and staff at TMJ Sleep Solutions we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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