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Sleep Breathing Dysfunctions and TMD come to question in many fields of expertise. General Practitioners, ENT, Physical Therapy, Massage, Acupuncture, etc. If you and your staff are looking to learn more about the signs and symptoms, available technology and treatment methods, please don’t hesitate to contact our team for educational materials and/or a private lunch and learn at your practice.


The obvious symptoms of jaw clicking, locking, and pain identify a TMJ problem.
What about the more subtle, sometimes painless TMJ problems that catch us by surprise in everyday dentistry:

  • Posterior crowns that come back several mm’s “high” from the lab
  • Patients that can’t open wide enough for handpiece access
  • Nightguard intolerance: patients say they “clench harder on their nightguards” or unconsciously remove it at night or, “I just can’t sleep with it”.
  • Bite changes
  • Bone loss, abfractions, painful teeth with otherwise good home care

We can discuss the common and “uncommon” signs and symptoms of TMJ to inform patients. Dental assistants and hygienists can screen for asymptomatic TMJ in a matter of seconds to make dentistry more predictable and to inform patients of the potential triggering symptoms during treatment.

Informing patients will give you more credibility for recognizing a potential problem and, help ease the stress if it becomes symptomatic during the course of treatment.

We screen patients who may have signs and/or symptoms of a TMJ disorder and help explain why symptoms can suddenly arise after dental care.

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