Sleep Apnea Triggering Need For Energy Drinks?

If you find yourself searching for a “pick me up” in the form of an energy drink on a regular basis, lack of quality sleep due to sleep apnea might be the reason.

While these drinks aren’t all bad, moderation is the key. So, before you reach for another Red Bull check out what the energy drinks are doing to your body and also check out our blog post on Sleep Apnea Symptoms.

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The Science Behind TMJ

TMJ Disorders comprise a variety of signs and symptoms in the head and neck associated with improper function of the temporomandibular joint (TM), head and neck muscles, nerves, and the occlusion (bite).

Sudden changes in occlusion are rarely related to the teeth. Most often the problem is in the TMJ or neck. Muscle pain, although present is very rarely the primary cause. It is typically secondary to an orthopedic problem in the head or neck.

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Limit Soda Pop For Better Sleep

There are many factors that affect quality of sleep. Some times Sleep Apnea is exacerbated by weight gain which can be attributed to the empty calories found in soda pop.

Most people understand that pop isn’t a good thing to consume in excess. Over the years I’ve had patients drinking up to a 6 pack per day ” instead of coffee” or, they are drinking diet soda pop to reduce the amount sugar they are consuming. It really doesn’t matter though because of all the other effects.

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Sleep Apnea Hampers Performance

BroncosIf you suffer from Sleep Apnea, your body is not getting the restorative rest it needs for optimal physical and mental performance. Whether you are training for a Boulder triathlon or marathon, or just want to shave time off of your Saturday morning run, science says more sleep is a key.

For Peak Athletic Performance, Sleep More

High level athletes train vigorously and long. They eat well and work on mental aspects of performance enhancement hoping to gain an edge in their field of competition. Finishing 1st vs 3rd can be fractions of a second, small percentages in consistency, or reaction times.

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Treating TMJ Symptoms: Don’t Ignore the Source

Discomfort caused by tension in the face and neck are common symptoms with TMJ disorder. But treatment that focuses on muscle relaxation may actually lead to increased joint damage in the jaw by ignoring the source of the problem.

That pain in the neck may be coming from your jaw…

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Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Sleep Apnea can be a life threatening condition for many reasons. The physical effects on the body increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. And the side effects of lack of restorative sleep can lead to accidents as a result of diminished cognitive ability.highway-821487_640

If you think you may suffer from sleep apnea, check this list of symptoms that commonly suggest sleep apnea.

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Sleep Apnea: Cognitive Consequences

You may think you have learned to function while sleep deprived but the science shows that sleep deprivation compromises your performance. And it gets worse in unfamiliar circumstances or emergencies.

I didn’t know how tired I really was….

This is what I hear from patients that I treat for their sleep apnea. We adapt to many physical limitations over time; that ache in the neck, inability to sit without fidgeting due to back or hip discomfort, etc. What we often don’t notice or fail to acknowledge is a decline in our executive skills. The ability to “multitask” in familiar settings is fairly easy to maintain. New or occasional tasks however, show our decline in what is called “executive function”.


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Sleep Apnea May Cause Drowsy Driving

Sleep Apnea could be the cause of drowsy driving leading to car accidents. Sleep apnea is treatable and getting treatment could save your life.

The Boulder Camera reported on a severe multi car accident last week along the diagonal. Some of our  staff was delayed in getting to work because of it and thankfully no one was killed in the accident. The cause was reported to be one driver fell asleep and ran through a stop, triggering the multi-car accident. I don’t know if the driver has sleep apnea or was tired from another cause but I do know that sleep apnea, a significant factor in daytime drowsiness, can be treated successfully.


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TMJ Treatment: Address the Cause For Real Success

Many different methods for treatment of TMJ disorders have surfaced over the years, but for real success you must address the true problem.light-painting-801024_640

I’m noticing a lot of dentists are discovering the T-Scan system and using it to treat TMJ. It measures bite forces using digital sensors that act as computerized “bite paper” to show uneven pressures on teeth as you bite and chew.

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Treat TMJ With the Right Appliance

Finding the correct appliance for treatment of TMJ disorder is critical. Using the wrong appliance can cause more complications and just because an appliance has been “used for years” doesn’t mean that it is the answer for every individual.

Currently many dentists are just now learning about the NTI-tss appliance. It seems to have a renewed interest among dentists even though it has been around for more than 20 years. This appliance was introduced to the TMJ community by Dr. Boyd many years ago for acute muscle contraction headache. I have used it selectively for 15 years.

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